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How I grew an audience of thousands in under a year. 😎

In August of 2019 I had 96 followers. Today, a little over a year later, I have over 8,000 incredible connections that engage with and enjoy my content every day. When I first started my Instagram, I had no idea what I was doing and not a clue of what friendships and opportunities were to come from it. Since starting my account, I have learned so much about myself, my style, and my interests. My Instagram is primarily helpful content for self-taught designers and entrepreneurs and creative typographic experiments.

Value is King 💵

In today’s saturated online world, value is king. When I started my Instagram I was posting mostly logos and poster designs, with little intent or effort. I wasn’t see any results. I wasn’t providing any value to my audience or clients.

In October of 2019 I was struggling, frustrated — I wanted to create a better connection with the community and get more clients. So I started taking IG more seriously. I began posting carousels about books I was reading, vulnerable posts about myself, better looking designs, high-value posts - and it started to work.

Growth 🌱  

My first post where I was like: “Wow! This is working!” was a poorly designed ten-page carousel post explaining Joseph Müller Brockman’s instructions on constructing margins in his book Grid Systems in Graphic Design. It reached 7,000 people and I gained 90 followers -  all thanks to hashtags and shares.

It felt incredible knowing that so many people got something out of the quick post I made. After that post and a taste of high-engagement, I continued to make carousels with some consistency in growth but nothing like what happened would happen in April of 2020.

The Guest Post

In January of 2020 I went out on a limb and DM’d my long-time design hero Chris Do to inquire about a quest post - I sent him a post of mine that was absolutely loved by my audience titled *Why You Hate Your Portfolio*. It explained the concept (many know from Ira Glass’s *Creative Process)* of **the ups and downs of our taste and skills and how that effects how we feel about ourself and our work*.* Generously, Chris gave me some incredible, much needed critique and I sent him an updated, finalized version. Then I stopped hearing from him.

Two months later while working on some client work, my phone started to go crazy. I thought for sure I had been botted *(spammed with negative intent).* When I was finally able to see where the engagement was coming from I nearly s*it my pants. Chris had posted an incredible rendition of my post on his account with nearly 300,000 followers! Being in quarantine at the time I had luckily been doing some upgrades to my content, headshots, and portfolio website and was able to secure nearly 4,000 new followers.

thanks for reading!