people power beer

Website Design & Squarespace Development



People power beer is a partnership of craft brewers for the ACLU. During my internship at product design and development studio Fictive Kin, I designed and built this site with help from more senior members of their incredible design team.

This was one of the first projects I was given and lead as an intern at Fictive Kin - it was quite nerve-wracking for me and required lots of responsibility, accountability, and communication. I learned many things during my time at Fictive, both tangible and experience based, but this project was by far the most challenging.

The first thing I learned was the importance of iteration. Turns out, I have a habit of getting stuck, like a lot. With help from senior members I became aware of this flaw and learned some techniques to overcome it. Looking for inspiration, starting from scratch, and getting second opinions ended up helping me a lot.

Once the overall design had begun to take shape, another thing I struggled with during this project was general, good, typographic practices. After some lessons from senior members, my entire perspective on typography had changed - for the better!

By far the most challenging aspect of this project was converting the final design into Squarespace. At first, the custom code required to make the design come to life was extremely frustrating. I broke the site a bunch of times. At the end of the project, I was a pro at the little bit of css I had done and even created a tutorial for the client to use for easy editing.

thanks for reading!